Are you constantly asking yourself, “How can I be a more productive leader?” If so, you’re not alone. Productivity is more than just keeping busy; it’s about achieving meaningful results in less time. In this blog post, we dive into three actionable tips that will help you lead more effectively and efficiently.What Is Productivity?Before we […]

As humans, we have become quite adept at pattern recognition. It helps us with our memory, problem solving, and social interactions. It has helped us survive as a species. But as powerful and useful as it is, it is also problematic. Let’s examine how our comprehension abilities can be compromised when we lean into the […]

Ask any CEO if they would like greater productivity in their organization and you will get a resounding “yes.” That’s not to say that they are generally displeased with the current level of productivity. But more would be better for many reasons. Improved organizational productivity reduces costs and talent shortages, while increasing innovation and (when […]

We’ve all been there: staring at a massive project, feeling paralyzed, unable to make the first move. This sense of being overwhelmed is not only discouraging but can also kill productivity. If you’ve ever found yourself in this situation—or you’re there right now—I have some strategies that might help you move the ball forward.Understanding OverwhelmFirstly, […]

Team productivity. Every leader would like to have a more productive team. If they don’t, they are either super proud of their ultra productive team or they don’t really care. Regardless of your personal assessment of your team’s productivity, as the leader you play a monstrous role in what that productivity is. There are (at least) […]

Any learning and development professional can prescribe 20 ways for people to learn stuff at work. They will talk of platforms, e-learning, micro-learning, webinars, training, and much more. While those all have a place, there is a powerful method that we all know – but sometimes forget. Humans learn from each other. Peer learning at […]

We’ve all been in that meeting. Someone comes up with a fresh idea, and almost instantly, another person chimes in with, “Well, just playing Devil’s Advocate here, but…” This simple sentence has the power to limit brainstorming, sour the team dynamic, and yes, even hurt feelings. Have you ever been that person? Do you know […]

Feedback is more than just words; it’s the backbone of improvement and growth in a professional setting. However, its power only unleashes when it’s not just given but also applied effectively.The Ultimate Goal of FeedbackSo, what’s the ultimate aim of feedback? Simply put, feedback aims to bring about action. But before we reach that point, […]

Let’s start with three core truths to effective leadership. Being an effective leader:Is important.Is complicated.Requires continual skill development.Yet, despite the complexities and complications of effective leadership, there are simple, easy ways to begin developing any leadership skill. Today’s suggestions are by no means a complete list of skill building methods. But these three simple approaches […]

Most organizations recognize that effective leaders net better results. And yet, not all act on that need or invest time and energy into developing leaders. There are plenty of reasons including ineffective prioritization, poor results from past leadership development efforts, and, well, there is always a crisis to manage… While there are plenty of things you […]