Team building for remote teams can be difficult, especially when your team is scattered across the nation (or world). And yet, it’s critical to connect with the people you work with, because it increases trust, communication, and collaboration. Watch the video below, as Wayne Turmel explains why team building for remote teams is so important, as well as how certain tips can build your team up for success.

Creating successful remote teams requires high trust levels and communication between team members as well as between yourself and your team. It often is up to you as the leader to create opportunities, such as semi-annual meetings, to develop your team. And we have many ways for you to learn how to cultivate a remote team that works synergistically on our website, The Remote Leadership Institute. You’ll find many different topics, including How Leaders Create and Manager Remote Teams, an interactive webinar that is fun, informational, and critical for all remote leaders. Visit our website now for more info!


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