Many people use whiteboards during meetings to generate ideas, but using whiteboards during virtual meetings are also a great way for collaboration among remote teams.


Watch the video below as Wayne Turmel, co-founder of the Remote Leadership Institute, offers insight and specific reasons for why using whiteboards during virtual meetings can lead your remote team to success!

To get the most from today’s web presentation tools, presenters must learn what the tools can do, apply it to their work and get hands-on practice and coaching. Anything less is a waste of time.

Yet, according to industry studies:

  • 90% of companies are using web meetings, webinars or virtual presentations as part of their work now.
  • More than 80% of presenters never get any training or coaching on effective online presentations. They’re left to their own devices with mixed results.
  • Most presenters use fewer than 25% of the available features to create interactive, engaging and effective presentations, webinars and collaborative meetings.

If you facilitate virtual meetings and are interested in how you can present at your best, check out our Presenting Online training!

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