Just like a child on the playground taunting, “Your not the boss of me!” to another, it’s a similar situation (and a frequent challenge) which project managers face when trying to lead others scattered from different regions and divisions.

So, what can you do to effectively lead others that aren’t your direct reports?

Join Wayne Turmel, co-creator of the Remote Leadership Institute, as he offers insightful tips and techniques to overcome challenges project managers face. With the tools you gain from this video, you’ll soon be able to come back with the confidence and knowledge that YOU are the person in charge, ready to get your project off to great success!

If you’re facing unique challenges that come with leading others who work remotely, we have several resources for you to learn the skills you need to confidently and successfully lead your team, including our popular interactive course, the Remote Leadership Certificate Series. This seven-week course includes a myriad of popular topics, including Creating and Leading Remote Teams, Leading Effective Virtual Meetings, Effective Goal Setting and Accountability, and much more! Don’t miss out — this small-group course is filling up fast, so don’t wait!

Join us for the Remote Leadership Certificate Series!

As added value to our learners, this course qualifies for “Class B” PDUs for members of the Project Management Institute, as well as Continuing Education credits for organizations such as SHRM (Society for Human Resource Management) and others. Check with your accrediting body.

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