collaboration and trustWould you like your team to have greater collaboration and trust? Would you like easier and more effective communication, across your team – whether you are remote or face-to-face? If you had a proven tool to help in all those areas, would you use it?

That tool exists, though you might not be aware of it or know how to use it to get those results. The tool is DISC. When you know how to use it properly, you can get all of those results and more for you and your team.

During our recent Virtual LeaderCon, I asked Guy Harris, our resident communications expert, to join me for a discussion of team dynamics and collaboration. The live participants blew up the chat with question and comments. The energy was off the charts. Near the end of our conversation, I asked the group. “Do you think Guy and I need to extend this conversation at a later date?” The answer was a resounding yes.

Back by Popular Demand

This webinar, titled Creating Better Communication, Collaboration, and Trust on Your Team Using the DISC Model, is our response to that interest. Since we will be on a webinar platform, we are calling it a webinar. But we believe this will be far more than that. Consider this an interactive conversation. Guy and I will talk about how to create greater collaboration and trust across a team. We will share experiences, tools, and ideas, answer your questions, and give you coaching in real time, too.

The session is about communication, collaboration, and trust, and we will talk about how DISC tools might help both individuals and the team. But it isn’t a purely DISC conversation. Whether you know DISC or not, you will find this valuable. If you want your teams to work together better, this session will point you to ways to help that happen.

The live webinar takes place November 20 from 11am – Noon ET. You can get all the details and get registered here.

Guy and I are looking forward to our conversation – and hope you will join us as an active part of the conversation. When you do, it will become more valuable and fun for everyone.

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