leadership coachingLeadership coaching can be valuable. Leadership is complex, and leaders often need additional guidance and support. Typically, they have fewer people they can turn to for advice and perspective. Most leadership coaching pairs a coach with a leader for an extended period to help them reach their development goals. However, today’s times demand something different. Right now, leaders and organizations need something more flexible, tactical, and economical.

Today, leaders are struggling with all things remote work, the uncertainties they are facing, the challenges of communication (which are harder now than ever), leading through change, and much more. And the current struggles are different than the ones they might face two weeks from now.

For many years, we have offered leadership coaching services. As I said, a coach matched with a leader with weekly access for a three-month (renewable) time period. The results have been outstanding, with many leaders reporting significant and long-term improvements from our time together.

We continue to offer those services (email us here to learn more). But now we are offering a new, more flexible way to give leaders access to coaching help, perspective, and new ideas.

Introducing the Leadership Coaching Bundle

The offer is straightforward.

You can purchase a block of leadership coaching time with us at a 25% discount. But rather than dedicating the coaching to a single person, you can give one or multiple sessions to individual leaders. You can even use it with a leadership team. And you don’t have to wait or spread it out over three months. You can use it as quickly as your leaders can match schedules with your coach.

Here’s how it will work:

  1. First, there is an initial intake call. I will work with you to match a coach to your organization (it could be me or one of the other coaches on our team).
  2. You purchase a block of ten 30-minute, live leadership coaching calls (or video calls) to be used by whomever you choose in your organization.
  3. The selected leaders will receive some information about their coach, to build a bit of credibility and initial comfort.
  4. The selected leaders will send a set of questions or goals to their coach 24 hours before the scheduled call. This helps the coach prepare to maximize the available time.
  5. Coaching sessions can begin immediately and used at your discretion.

The agenda for this leadership coaching will be led by your leader. They can work on whatever issues or challenges they are facing right now – be they about leading remotely, leading during change, or whatever will be helpful.

The Investment

Your investment for each coaching block (ten 30-minute sessions) is $2500. This is a 25% discount off our existing 3-month coaching process.

This investment could easily be repaid by one strategy or approach applied by one leader.

The world is new and different and the need for coaching and wise counsel has never been greater. Now is the time to equip yourself and your leaders with the targeted, tactical ideas they need to succeed.

Let us help.

If you have questions or would like to schedule your intake call to get started, send us an email here.

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