by Kevin Eikenberry

I love the vibrant colors of the changing leaves. One of the great benefits of living in Indiana is seeing the beauty in nature all around. And as I take it all in, I’m reminded each year of the reason we get to see this tapestry: change.

Fall is truly a period of change – a transition from summer to winter. And this innate ability to change fuels not just the growth of trees and vegetation, but feeds an entire ecosystem that reaps the benefits of change.

There are times within our organizations when this kind of change is necessary, too. There are certain “leaves” (business processes, ways of communicating, leadership techniques, etc.) that, while productive and beneficial in their “spring and summer” lifetimes, no longer serve a valuable purpose. Keeping those in place out of sentimentality, tradition, or even just fear of change, is like a tree refusing to drop its leaves in the Fall. 

Do you have room for growth and new life when Spring comes?

I think we can take a cue from nature and be open to regular change. Certainly the times we’re experiencing now suggest that we are indeed transitioning to another “season” for our organizations and for ourselves.

When is the last time you took an inventory of things that need changing in your organization? What about your own skills as a leader? Maybe this season of change can be a catalyst for your own personal and professional growth.

Change brings growth

It’s tempting when we’ve reached goals to rest on those achievements. That’s why too many new leaders don’t advance very far beyond their initial promotions. They become invested in the status quo and fail to see that change, while uncomfortable at first, is the fuel they need for continuous growth.

Have you created that growth-minded culture in your organization? Let’s get together and talk about how we can create a custom solution for you that will ensure your leaders are always growing.

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