hybrid collaboration

by Kevin Eikenberry

We need our teams to collaborate to get great results. Often, we think of collaboration as a face-to-face activity.  Have you figured out how to do that at a distance from some or all of the team?  Do you know what you need to do to create hybrid collaboration?

Here are three things you can do right now to start changing the level and success of your hybrid collaboration:

  • Keep everyone focused on the big picture.  When people know what we are trying to accomplish (which unfortunately sometimes gets lost when working at a distance), there are more willing to collaborate, because they ask from someone else isn’t an intrusion, but an invitation to work on mutual goals.
  • Make time for it.  When we are face-to-face the spontaneous conversation sometimes spawns ideas and innovation — and prompts collaboration. Make space for “non-planned” non agenda time once in awhile and good things will happen.  Allow anyone on the team to ask for a collaborative session.  Just like in the in-person times, they don’t all have to be planned. Allow/encourage people to raise their hand to ask for time to brainstorm or collaborate on an issue.
  • Stop wishing for the old days. Every minute people (including you) are focused on how we used to be able to collaborate, you aren’t looking for ways to collaborate now. Know that hybrid collaboration can work and make it your role to create it and not lament the past.


There is a longer list of ideas and questions to ask yourself here.  If you will start with the three ideas above, you will be on the way to more comfortable and effective hybrid collaboration.

Want to build your hybrid team with greater success and confidence?  Want to help your hybrid team members succeed and be more productive and collaborative?  The Building an Effective Hybrid Team Master Class might be your be next step.  You can learn more about how to build your hybrid team -and get greater hybrid team collaboration.

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