return to officeAdmittedly, it is a bold statement – that two tickets to a virtual event could change your organization’s future. Bold, but true. If your organization is struggling with Return to Office, trying to figure out what the future of work needs to look like, wondering how to design your team for this future, wanting greater employee engagement, and/or wants to create a stronger culture, this event is for you.

Every organizational leader I talk to is struggling, anxious, or confused about at least one of those issues. And since we have recently written a book that can help address all of them, we want to help.

And that’s why we wrote The Long-Distance Team. Wayne Turmel and I didn’t write the book to hold a copy in our hands. We wrote the book to impact the lives of leaders, teams, and organizations in a positive way. For that goal to be reached, people need to buy, read, and apply the ideas in the book.

And we know that having and reading the book isn’t enough – you must apply what you learned. That is why we created the Teams and Culture Today Executive Panel Discussion.

On March 29, Wayne Turmel and I will be joined by Bijan Zandbod, the Director of Learning and Development at Tracelink – a leader in supply chain management. This will be a no holds barred, practical conversation sharing real-life examples of what Tracelink and our other clients around the world are doing.

How do you get a seat?

You can get a seat (two actually) when you buy two or more copies of The Long-Distance Team. One copy for you, and one for a senior executive who cares about these challenges in your organization.

You will have the chance to ask your questions, and share your success as well. Consider this a working session where you will leave with new ideas to apply in your organization immediately.

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