by Chuck Chapman, Content Strategy Coordinator

It’s no secret. The daily life of the remote worker is different than that of the traditional office-based employee. If you’re a remote worker, that might be frustrating at times. People just don’t understand!

So with apologies to Jeff Foxworthy, we’d like to offer a few distinguishing signs of remote workers. Remote workers will chuckle and nod their heads knowingly since they’ve probably experienced most or all of these.

You Might Be a Remote Worker If…

…you forgot your conference call was a video-chat and showed up in a bath robe.

remote worker

…your lunch break includes a shower since you go directly from bed to work in the morning.

…you launder your pajamas far more frequently than any of your dress clothes.

…you’ve ever had your child type a work response on Slack while you were driving to an activity.

…your idea of an “important day” involves putting on pants.

…your neighbors wonder whether you have a real job.

…the sounding board for your latest ideas is usually your dog.

remote worker

…the humans you see most often are on the cast of the Today Show.

…your family leaves breakfast dishes piled in the sink because, “Hey, you’ll be here all day.”

…you’ve ever felt ignored during a team meeting and realized you were on mute.

…you’ve ever joked about the “pile-up by the refrigerator” when your friends complain about their morning commute.

…if you’re contemplating recording a Rosetta Stone course on speaking emoji.

…you look back on all that time in college “wasted” in chat rooms and message boards and realize it was vocational training.

…you’ve ever arrived early for a meeting and used the video screen as a mirror to comb your hair.


And finally, you might be a remote worker if…you’re happier and more productive in your job than ever before!

We hope you enjoyed this. If so, share it with your other remote teammates. Also share it with your “non-remote” friends and family so they’ll have a better understanding of what you do all day…on second thought, they still won’t understand.

If you’d like to be even more amazing and impress your bosses so you can keep working remotely, take a peak at our course on Maximizing Your Productivity as a Remote Employee.

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