The Remote Leadership Greatest Hits


Remote Leaders Have Unique Challenges and Now You Get the Solutions You Need to Succeed!

From communication…to performance management…to motivation…and more, as a remote leader, you’ve got to be prepared to stay connected, handle meetings and schedules and provide the support your staff expects and needs.

If you are a leader with people spread across geography and time zones, The Remote Leadership Greatest Hits series will help you to have less stress and frustration, and greater confidence and success in your leadership role.

Included in the series:

Module 1: Dealing with Virtual Conflict (55 minutes, including corresponding PDF materials)

While advances in technology and communication have made the virtual workplace easier and faster than ever, there are a multitude of unique challenges in managing remote teams. This powerful training provides specific tips and techniques to dissolve conflict and create collaboration among virtual teams.

You’ll learn the importance of developing a team rhythm, where trust and collaboration is established. You’ll also learn how to cultivate an environment on your virtual team where everyone is on the same page, speaks the same team language and are masters at communicating with each other.

Module 2: Why Good Leaders Hate Online Presentations (55 minutes, includes corresponding PDF materials)

87% of leaders say online communication is mission critical today. Yet only 10% of them say they are confident and competent when communicating virtually.

The ability to present, run meetings and influence people has never been more important. And while the advances in technology and communication capabilities have made communicating remotely easier than in the past, many challenges still remain. In this course, you’ll learn tips and techniques for communicating and presenting remotely. You’ll learn how to keep your audience focused and engaged and be as dynamic virtually as you are in person!

Module 3: Effective Communication for Your Remote Team (55 minutes, includes corresponding PDF materials)

As a virtual manager and leader, it’s your job to communicate vision and strategy to you team (without the benefit of face-to-face communication and using tools you might not be comfortable with.)

It’s your job to manage performance and morale and coach team members to reach their potential (without daily pep talks at the water cooler or opportune coffee breaks for you.)

It’s your responsibility to handle the day-to-day “people” issues that arise (a difficult conversation made even more complicated when done remotely.)

Effective communication has always been essential to the success of your remote team. In this training CD, you’ll learn unique communication strategies, tools and technology that are designed specifically for virtual teams.

Harness the Power of Your Remote Team

The Remote Leadership Greatest Hits is just $349 and consists of three on-demand video modules and accompanying learning materials. All of your learning materials can be quickly and instantly accessed from anywhere, using our members-only site.

Whether you’re new to the remote leadership game or have been leading a remote team for a while, the virtual workplace evolves with each passing second, and these topics offer best practices and innovative techniques for you to immediately implement into your daily work schedule.

Set yourself up for success in the ever-evolving virtual workplace!

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