The Advanced Guide to Remarkable Leadership


Before any leader can be successful, they must answer one simple question.

Do you want to become a leader?

Successful leaders decided right from the beginning that they wanted to provide others with vision, direct the course of future events and inspire others to success.

And once they made the decision to become a leader, the rest was just details.

Leadership is not about experience, education, or talent. It’s about the choosing to lead. That’s where it begins.


After you’ve made the commitment to invest of your time and energy to get better at the challenging role of leadership, let us handle the details.

The Advanced Guide to Remarkable Leadership is a powerful toolkit that delivers all of the skills and competencies – the details – that you need to be successful.

And it’s all built around the core belief of our organization.


We all buy learning materials, books, audio programs, webinars, teleseminars and attend lectures and workshops every day. These learning opportunities exist everywhere. And in order for us to get value from these resources, we must take action. We must try what we learned, see what happened, tweak it, and try again. In other words, we must do for learning anything new, what has always worked for us. Think about it – you didn’t learn how to ride a bicycle until you put your butt in the seat and a foot on the pedal.

The Advanced Guide to Remarkable Leadership is designed to help you DO, not just learn ABOUT.

Each module in this multi-media program includes:

  • A 60-minute audio program focused on a specific skill
  • A custom handout for following along and taking notes
  • A transcript that accompanies each recording
  • A self-assessment – reflective questions that will help you think about your current skill level and also help you determine your strengths and weaknesses
  • “Action Steps” and “Now Steps” – steps designed to help you take immediate action on what you’ve just learned. These ideas are quick to apply and relevant to your growth as a leader.

We designed it this way so that it is a development resource for you. Reading and listening are great tools for learning, but only action creates change.


The Advanced Guide to Remarkable Leadership is a complete training program that includes a 2 boxed set with 12 CDs and a binder with the handouts and transcripts to accompany the CDs. The collection is broken down into 12 modules covering the following:

Module 1: Remarkable Leaders Influence Change Successfully
– Factors that drive our feelings toward change
– Communication strategies for effectively implementing change

Module 2: Remarkable Leaders Create Engaging Dialogue
– 4 ways to encourage dialogue amongst your team
– Understanding the relationship between communication styles and dialogue

Module 3: Remarkable Leaders Are Remarkable Listeners
– Why listening matters to you as a leader
– 5 ways to improve your listening skills
How to leverage your listening skills more successfully

Module 4: Remarkable Leaders Are Great Coaches
– 5 keys to giving better feedback
– How to create greater accountability
– Strategies for making coaching a process instead of an event

Module 5: Remarkable Leaders Build Customer Relationships
– How to surprise, delight and wow customers/clients/patients (whatever you call your “customer”)
– Strategies for strengthening
– How to transition to a true partnership with your customers

Module 6: Remarkable leaders Persuade Passionately
– The #1 thing you need to know about persuasion
– Specific strategies to help you be more persuasive
– How to use persuasion as a leader

Module 7: Remarkable Leaders Support Creative Ideas
– How to support and encourage creativity
– Specific strategies to spur greater ideation

Module 8: Remarkable Leaders Energize Their Teams
– What energy drains can threaten your team and how to avoid them
– How to engage others in energizing the team and organization

Module 9: Remarkable Leaders Solve Problems Collaboratively
– 5 tools for collaborative problem solving
– How to create and foster a collaborative environment

Module 10: Remarkable Leaders Engender Empowerment of Their Teams
– The true source of empowerment
– The difference between empowerment and delegation
– 7 ways to engender empowerment

Module 11: Remarkable Leaders Lead Projects Successfully
– The difference between project management and project leadership
– 4 steps to better project leadership

Module 12: Remarkable Leaders Support Goal Achievement
– 4 ways to accelerate goal achievement
– 5 steps to creating a culture of goal achievement
– Top 4 ways to jumpstart goal achievement

Choose to change the world one person at a time; choose to inspire others; choose to make a difference.

And then choose Remarkable Leadership.

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