Our success is only made possible by your passion for learning and growing.
Here are a few stories of leaders, just like you, who are making a REMARKABLE difference in their organizations, teams and lives.

Kevin is one of my go-to leadership gurus. He is incredibly generous in all that he provides - so many free resources that are practical, straight-forward, and relevant. He is accessible, responsive, and not only knows his clients, but builds relationships with his clients. He is sincerely passionate about helping every leader reach their full potential.

Debbie Liles ... Carter BloodCare

Every Kevin Eikenberry session I have attended has resulted in very specific positive changes for my organization. The daily emails from Kevin are one of few that I genuinely look forward to reading every day.

Michelle Bayles ... AHRMA

I was first introduced to Kevin Eikenberry's resources through the Bud to Boss workshop several years ago. It was an extremely worthwhile workshop and I've been able to continue to learn and grow as a leader via his weekly emails and YouTube videos. He is truly a resource you want to devote your time and attention to.

Tammy Fetterolf ... The Pennsylvania State University

The manner in which I approach colleagues, direct reports and others is meaningfully improved and enhanced based on Kevin's coaching materials and leadership seminars. The time invested in the suite of tools afforded by the Kevin Eikenberry Group is paid forward ten fold, if not more, in productivity and increased satisfaction, for me and others!

Josh Darr ... JLT Re

Start following Kevin. He will inspire you to become a better leader, and person, guaranteed. I wish I had started sooner!

Tiffany McPeak

Kevin has a way of making each session productive and memorable. His group leadership facilitation made our conversations on company culture meaningful and provided actionable items we can pursue and integrate within the company.

Tracie Egger ... AgReliant Genetics

Kevin Eikenberry is a living example that anything is possible. Many complain about life and how hard it is but Kevin and his team demonstrate that life is just about overcoming obstacles and demonstrating your best potential.

Daniela Shailin Ibarra

Kevin never disappoints. Every session is a learning experience that I use at work and home.

Tuan Newlin ... Ruoff Mortgage

I have been using RLI tools for years. My staff and peers noticed the difference in my style as compared to others immediately. Thanks Kevin and Wayne for helping me reach my potential as a remote leader.

Angela Stuart ... K12

Excellent content and learning from Kevin and Wayne. Between their books, videos and podcasts they have had a significant positive impact on my leadership skills. Remote leadership skills will be a requirement in the post Covid world as remote work (or the very least hybrid remote) becomes more normalised. Kevin and Wayne's content gets you ahead of the curve.

Aidan Dunne ... remoteconsulting.ie

Wayne simplifies the complex in an engaging way. He uses stories to illustrate the principles he is sharing and takes the time to make sure everyone in the room (virtual or otherwise) has understood.

Andrew Calvert

I don't always have the time to read them when they come in, but I try to take at least a few mins. each week to review the information and articles that are relevant to me. I truly appreciate the fact that they are usually less than 10 minutes making it easy for me to fit it in between other tasks. I also appreciate being able to go to the website for more in depth, detailed and longer articles related to the topic at hand when I need to. A great combination of knowledge sharing, training and convenience that everyone should be able to utilize. Thank you for the awesome and inspiring articles! Keep it up, please!

Jill Simpson ... Florida Dept. of Children and Families

The Remote Leadership Institute is my go-to for all things related to leadership. I feel prepared to handle inevitable crises because I'm working on being a better leader every day. Thank you to Kevin Eikenberry and Wayne Turmel for their willingness to share information and lead by example!

Beth Nichols ... MyComputerCareer

I have been reading the articles published by the Remote Leadership Institute since 2012. I am delighted to say that my leadership skills developed in a remarkable way over the past years and my team members work with me with a high degree of motivation. I learnt and experienced a motivated team gives a good productivity to the organization they work for. I still find great ideas which enhance my managerial skills through these emails.

Mahinda Panampitiya ... Edotcogroup