Our success is only made possible by your passion for learning and growing.
Here are a few stories of leaders, just like you, who are making a REMARKABLE difference in their organizations, teams and lives.

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Kevin has a way of making leadership development and growth approachable, practical, and impactful!

Kimberly Heindl | ELCA

Start following Kevin. He will inspire you to become a better leader, and person, guaranteed. I wish I had started sooner!

Tiffany McPeak | 

I attended the Virtual Leader Conference for 4 out of the 5 days and gutted I missed day one! The speakers were excellent and I learned a lot at the same time as having fun. I loved the camaraderie between everyone who attended and the organising team and also the expert skills of Kevin Eikenberry as the facilitator. It was extremely interactive, interesting, inspiring and motivational. I was also very lucky to win some of the books (signed by the authors) and many were given away over the 5 days. The way each day was summarised at the end of the day and people’s take-aways was also inspiring. I would highly recommend the conferences and the Eikenberry organisation.

Sue France | Sue France Training

Kevin's practical leadership development strategies have helped me to be an effective mentor for newer supervisors, and I've grown in the process too.

Laura Strait | Sixth Judicial District DCS

Educational Administrators of College/ University Off-Campus Programs (with campuses all across their states or regions)can benefit greatly from Kevin's and Wayne's work, programs, and ideas. I'm just beginning to see the concept of leading remotely coming into the higher education landscape.

Norman Bukwaz | Siena Heights University

I have found the information and concepts Kevin delivers helpful in my development as a leader. His ability to deliver meaningful content in every communication means I do not spend time reading without gaining insightful learning. These learning opportunities I can apply and advance my knowledge of leadership every day.

Jim Senkalski | Ace Viking Electric Motor Co., Inc.

I have found Kevin's leadership sessions to be very informative and relatable to our organizations culture of training and development.

Michelle Goosby | BuybuyBABY

Leaders focused on developing leaders, will find the resources and wisdom provided by Kevin and his Remarkable team are essential tools for promoting leadership growth.

Jan Dietz | Stefanini

Always something to implement that same day!

Scott Shafer | Bingaman and Son Lumber, Inc.

Kevin Eikenberry's newsletters have been a very positive encouragement with outstanding wisdom to dealing with a variety of difficult work situations and project management.

Ted Firlit | Em Microelectronic

Kevin has made an impact with my work life in such a positive way. I have been able to employ the skills and tips I learned, with results almost immediately.

Susan Lawlor | ePlus Technology, inc.

The once a week tickler with practical tips for improving or reinforcing leadership skills is well worth getting linked to the Remarkable Leadership subscription. Kevin is authentic in his delivery with concise content. Take 5-15 minutes a week to check this out and you will discover a lift in your work week.

John Pedersen | 

Love the new newsletter format, and the content consistently and continually gets better! Thanks for investing in my leadership. It’s paying off in being recognized at my company...I sincerely appreciate how your entire company has poured into my life, and my leadership development! The changes that have occurred in my life since coming into contact with the Kevin Eikenberry Group are nothing short of amazing.

Keith Glover | AHS Staffing

I smile when I see an email from this team. The content is always encouraging and valuable. A short read that really inspires.

Diana Somer | AHS

The manner in which I approach colleagues, direct reports and others is meaningfully improved and enhanced based on Kevin's coaching materials and leadership seminars. The time invested in the suite of tools afforded by the Kevin Eikenberry Group is paid forward ten fold, if not more, in productivity and increased satisfaction, for me and others!

Josh Darr | JLT Re

Eikenberry's book From Bud to Boss is a fantastic resource for internal promotions! Provides tangible strategies and great insights.

Sherri Cebul-Ligas | University Hospitals

The leadership philosophies and principles Kevin shares are both easy to embrace and remarkably simple in an age where the trend is how complex and flashy a thing can be determines it's worth. Well Done!

Peter Huey | 

DraftKings was thrilled to have Kevin Eikenberry join us for a thoughtful discussion on his LinkedIn Learning course, Making Key Decisions as a Manager. A diverse group of Managers from Las Vegas to Bulgaria to Gibraltar joined the conversation to learn more about a skill that any Manager, regardless of location, needs to be effective- the ability to make the right decisions at the right times. Thank you Kevin!

Will Mahon | Draft Kings

I have been working to implement what I have been learning each week. I am thankful for the handouts and the fact that I don’t have to take copious notes the whole time (I can focus on listening instead).

Ben Huszti | Swagelok Northwest (US)

I am a church leader and Kevin's emails and perspectives help me think out of my church box to apply new thinking...

Robert Anderson |