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Kevin Eikenberry is insightful and dynamic--and fun to work with. This is definitely a group to have in your corner if you want to get and stay inspired to do great things.

Traci Wainwright | 

I am a church leader and Kevin's emails and perspectives help me think out of my church box to apply new thinking...

Robert Anderson | 

Kevin has a way of making leadership development and growth approachable, practical, and impactful!

Kimberly Heindl | ELCA

Kevin's down-home style and honest, common-sense approach to being a better leader is well worth the time it takes to listen or read every day - at least it is if you are willing to admit that you can get better at what you do and if you have a desire to learn and grow!

Paul Brubaker | Karl Storz Endoscopy America

Kevin has a way of making each session productive and memorable. His group leadership facilitation made our conversations on company culture meaningful and provided actionable items we can pursue and integrate within the company.

Tracie Egger | AgReliant Genetics

The beauty of Kevin's weekly wisdom content is the short, concise snippets that can be put into practice right away for instant results, whether it's a leadership quality, a training strategy, or a culture issue. In today's digital world and massive amounts of information we receive, I find this leadership format priceless!

Bernadette Nolen | Giroud Tree and Lawn

Training sessions with Kevin are very positive and helpful. I can't wait to share the opportunity with a co-worker who was recently promoted!

Nancy Meyer | Hill-Rom

Kevin effectively shares his extensive knowledge and keen insights through his many valuable resources. Kevin is a highly professional thought leader in the field of leadership whose guidance is well worth considering.

William Yakowicz | 

I have learned a lot in the few sessions I have attended. My team was challenging under the best circumstances and COVID-19 has now turned it into a significant management challenge. I am learning how to be a better leader remotely now and I know some of these will transfer back over when I return to the office. Thank you so much!

Kimberly Whittemore | 

Kevin Eikenberry's newsletters have been a very positive encouragement with outstanding wisdom to dealing with a variety of difficult work situations and project management.

Ted Firlit | Em Microelectronic

I have subscribed to Remarkable TV for years. Always a great program, informative, relevant, and uplifting.

Rusty Hoover | Eshelman Transportation Inc.

Last weeks Virtual Leader Con run by Kevin Eikenberry and his team was an absolutely first class event. The sessions were incredibly informative, delivered by experts in their respective areas and managed professionally by Kevin as the ‘interviewer’. The chat facility on the Crowd Cast tool being used added a whole new dimension to the event that would never be achieved at a ‘live’ event. This engendered a real feeling of community over the week and allowed everyone to share experiences, answer quick calls from Kevin, congratulate people when one of the (many!) prizes were won and even share the odd joke. Overall and excellent event that I would recommend highly to anyone with an interest in leadership topics and I can, without doubt, say I will be registering for the next as soon as it is advertised. Well done to Kevin and all his team.

Aidan Dunne | remoteconsulting.ie

The resources keep me motivated to be a great leader and to continue to improve each day!

Kristin Martin | Turner Construction

DraftKings was thrilled to have Kevin Eikenberry join us for a thoughtful discussion on his LinkedIn Learning course, Making Key Decisions as a Manager. A diverse group of Managers from Las Vegas to Bulgaria to Gibraltar joined the conversation to learn more about a skill that any Manager, regardless of location, needs to be effective- the ability to make the right decisions at the right times. Thank you Kevin!

Will Mahon | Draft Kings

I smile when I see an email from this team. The content is always encouraging and valuable. A short read that really inspires.

Diana Somer | AHS

The thought-provoking and insightful leadership materials provided by the Kevin Eikenberry Group is amazing! The materials encourage an ongoing practice of honing up leadership skills which is a great investment of time and energy to produce meaningful results!

Glenda Ostrander | Gwinnett County Public Schools

Always excited to hear and read Kevin’s perspectives on leadership. He and his work are transparent, thought provoking and easy to apply.

Lois Searles | Stonetree, LLC

The content that Kevin Eikenberry provides has left my mind racing with excitement as it has brought so much clarity to me on things I knew I believed in and wasn't quite sure why (or at least how to articulate it or show somebody else). For the last several years, I have been passionate about my journey of leadership, which Kevin helped me very simply define! I have been religiously following his weekly blog and videos with countless aha moments and can't thank him enough for all that he have provided and taught me.

Josh Zimmet | BLS Trucking, Inc.

Start following Kevin. He will inspire you to become a better leader, and person, guaranteed. I wish I had started sooner!

Tiffany McPeak | 

Bud to Boss helped to expand my view point and range. Well worth the time.

Ben Scott | Georgia Institute of Technology