Solutions for the Virtual Workplace

Helping remote and hybrid leaders and teams succeed in a Long-Distance Workplace

We believe that what successful leaders must do hasn’t changed over the years. What’s changed is how they do it. While technology has made it easier than ever to stay connected, it has also made the leader’s job that much more complex.

In 2017, we merged the world-class leadership thinking and skill development of Kevin Eikenberry and Remarkable Leadership with the cutting edge insight and training from Wayne Turmel, to create a unique place to find the real-world tools, practical training, and the latest thinking to help organizations and individual leaders create human connections and great results no matter where they’re located. Together, they have written the best-selling Long-Distance Worklife Book Series, which includes The Long-Distance Leader, The Long-Distance Teammate, and The Long-Distance Team.

Now operating within The Kevin Eikenberry Group, our long-distance workshops and resources help organizations, their leaders and team members succeed in the remote workplace. 

Long-Distance Worklife Courses

Choose from this list of our most popular courses or contact us to find out how we can help you to design your own. These courses are available as stand-alone programs, or as part of The Long-Distance Leadership series.

How Leaders Create and Manage Remote and Hybrid Teams

Remote and virtual teams are a fact of life, yet many teams and their leaders struggle to create the kind of bonds and working relationships that get results. We help leaders assess their team’s strengths and areas for growth, and learn the mindset that will help them deal with the challenges of the evolving workplace.

How to be a Great Long-Distance Teammate

Regardless of whether you're in the office, working remotely or on hybrid teams, it’s important to be (and be seen) as a productive, engaged teammate. This session, dives into the difference between team members and teammates. We'll also teach a model for creating a “great teammate” mindset.

Leading Effective Virtual & Hybrid Meetings

Virtual meetings are a fact of life. But unless you’ve had proper training in how to prepare, lead and get the best results from them, how do you know you’ll get tangible results? We work with participants to speed up adoption of the tools, comfort with their use and give greater return on your technology investment.

Maximizing Productivity on Remote & Hybrid Teams

Solid time and priority management skills are important for any employee’s success, and they’re absolutely critical for the remote employee. In this session, we’ll help you to get control of your day life and career. 

Goals Setting and Achieving Accountability at a Distance

As a leader, helping your team member set goals – and then holding them accountable for those goals is part of your job. But more than that, it is critical to your success. This session takes the principles of goal setting, supporting goal achievement and accountability and applies them to the unique challenges of doing it all at a distance.

Coaching and Feedback at a Distance

When you lead a virtual/hybrid team, the challenges of giving feedback are heightened significantly. This session takes the principles of effective coaching and feedback and applies them to the unique challenges of doing it at a distance.

Want something different? We can work with you to create the content and experience that you want and need for your organization. Schedule a conversation with a member of our team below to learn more. 

Long-Distance Worklife Solutions

Custom Training
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Remarkable Master Classes

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Want to Learn More?

The virtual leaders handbook to lead more effectively and with greater confidence

A practical guide to help virtual teammates stay engaged & connected

Helping leaders navigate the new world of remote and hybrid teams to design the culture they desire for their teams and organizations.

The Long-Distance Leadership Series

A highly interactive, small group virtual workshop, designed specifically to address the unique challenges of long-distance and hybrid leaders.

How confident are you (or the leaders in your organization) leading in the virtual/hybrid workplace?

Join us for a powerful, 4-part video series titled, Demystifying Remote Leadership. You will learn how to create solid working relationships in a virtual team with more confidence and less stress!