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We believe that training is an event, learning is a process. Real useful learning comes from a continual process of doing, trying, experiencing and applying.

Here you will find some of our most powerful learning resources to help you & others in your organization learn and grow in leadership and life. 

For Remote/Hybrid Leaders & Teammembers

How confident are you leading others in the virtual workplace?

Join us for a powerful, 4-part video series titled, Demystifying Remote Leadership. You will learn how to create solid working relationships in a virtual team with more confidence and less stress!

How well does your team communicate? Download the Tech Assessment Tool to help:

- Honestly assess your team’s current communication effectiveness
- Identify technology at your team’s disposal & 
how well (if at all) you’re using these tools
- Identify gaps impacting team performance

10 Things to Keep in Mind for Successful Virtual Meetings

Conducting a successful virtual meeting requires preparation and a few simple ground rules. Here are ten tips to help you conduct an effective and successful virtual meeting every time.

For New & Frontline Leaders

You're in a new role. Do you know where to start??

Join us for a powerful, 5-part video series titled, What You Should Do in the First 45 Days of Your New Role. You’ll learn the most important steps to take in the first 45 days of any new role to ensure that you are leading with more confidence and less stress!

13 Days to Remarkable Leadership

A powerful video training series with 13 short, video lessons pulled directly from Kevin's best-selling book, Remarkable Leadership. Each video lesson focuses on the leadership competency of the day and includes a companion learning tool to complement the video as well as “Now Steps” – quick tips and ideas that you can implement immediately and quickly to help solidify what you learn.