The Long-Distance Worklife Book Series

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The Long-Distance Leader

As more organizations adopt a remote workforce, the challenges of leading at a distance become more urgent than ever. This book shows leaders how to guide their teams by recalling the foundational principles of leadership, whether their teams are scattered globally or just working from home a few days a week. Filled with exercises that ensure projects stay on track, keep productivity and morale high, and build lasting relationships, this book is the go-to guide for leading effectively, no matter where people work.

The Long-Distance Teammate

This book is the most authoritative single resource for helping remote workers get work done effectively, build relationships that are both productive and satisfying, and maintain a career trajectory when they are not in constant close contact with their leader, coworkers, or the organization in general.

The Long-Distance Team

From the experts who brought you The Long-Distance Leader and The Long-Distance Teammate comes the proven and practical guide for leaders to consciously design teams, define and create their desired culture, and encourage and nurture employee engagement—all from a distance.