How to Be More Productive for the Rest of Your Life…Without the “Perfect” Plan or Working More and Sleeping Less!

>> Do you want to be more productive both personally and professionally but are paralyzed by your heavy workload?

>> Are you juggling too many projects and don’t have a “plan” or are worried that being productive means less sleep and more work?

If you answered YES to either of these questions, DO NOT STOP READING.

The Myths of Productivity

As leaders, we are constantly striving to be more productive. We want to do more in less time and have more freedom and flexibility in our lives. After all, if we're not productive, we can't get anything done.

But in this relentless pursuit of productivity, have you ever felt overwhelmed by the need for the perfect plan?

Do you believe that everything must be just right before you can truly be more productive?

Are you worried that the only way to be more productive is to work more & sleep less?

Or maybe there’s something else that’s holding you back. Whatever the reason, you're not alone. Many people share these limiting beliefs, and it's time to break free from this cycle and bust those myths!

Because these productivity myths aren't just inaccurate; they are holding you back from reaching your goals and being truly successful as a leader and human-being.

Time management is just one piece of the productivity puzzle.

When most people think about productivity, they are really thinking about time management. And while yes, time management is integral, productivity is about getting more of the right things done in a specific period. The most productive people work deliberately and intentionally throughout the day.

In other words, instead of filling our days with busy work or less important tasks, when we focus on the most important tasks first, we are far more likely to raise our overall productivity (and effectiveness).

Are you tired of feeling overwhelmed and worried that productivity means working harder and sacrificing the little free time that you do have? 

Becoming a more productive leader, both personally and professionally, is within your reach.

Introducing The Productivity Intensive

Delivered over 45 days, this powerful program is based around a simple idea: the most productive people don’t only manage their time well, they also manage their focus and energy and have developed a productivity mindset.

Designed by Kevin Eikenberry, with over three decades of experience in helping leaders become more productive and successful, this program will transform your approach to productivity.

The Intensive kicks off on October 9th when you’ll get access to a complete arsenal of tools and resources that will help you hone your focus, learn how to prioritize effectively, and get more of the right work done.

The Productivity Intensive includes...


The Productivity Journal

An editable PDF, The Journal will be your guide in helping to build a productivity habit through daily prompts and questions, designed to get you thinking with a productivity mindset. 


Four Productivity Videos

With these short and actionable videos (available on-demand), we'll explore what productivity is (and isn't), how to create a productivity mindset, the power of focus and the role of control and habit in greater productivity.


Live Coaching with Kevin

While we will provide everything that you need to develop a productivity habit, you will likely still have questions. This live coaching call gives you direct and personal access to Kevin, for one full hour, to answer all of your questions and to help you master the strategies and techniques you learn in the Intensive.


Productivity Master Class

One of our most popular microlearning programs! In just 12 short, video lessons, you’ll learn how to prioritize your work so you are getting the most important things done, the connection between habits and productivity, how to be more productive while working from home and so much more!


Private LinkedIn Group

Learning from others is so powerful – not only do we benefit from their experiences, we inherit their wisdom and knowledge. This Group provides exactly that – a chance to learn from, grow with and interact with like-minded leaders who are going through the Intensive alongside you.

Here's What You Can Expect in the 45 Days...


After registration, you'll receive access to the member site where you will find the Productivity Journal, videos, Master Class and more! Access never expires.


While we will officially kick off the Intensive on October 9, we encourage you to start right away - review the journal and prompts and get into the habit of a journaling practice. 


In the member site, you will find 4 short, actionable videos (with Kevin) that will really kick-start your productivity. They are available immediately at registration so start right away or on your own schedule. 


Join our private LinkedIn Group, introduce yourself, and start learning with your fellow Intensive participants.

Stop waiting and wishing for perfection and start making actionable progress. Say goodbye to endless tasks that lead to burnout and hello to a more balanced, productive life.

Get ready to reclaim your time, boost your productivity, achieve your goals, and still enjoy your free time!

Reclaim Your Time & Your Life!
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  • The Productivity Journal
  • 4 Productivity Videos
  • Live Coaching with Kevin
  • Productivity Master Class
  • Private LinkedIn Group

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