See the world differently, lead more confidently and realize your vast potential!

At The Kevin Eikenberry Group, we provide speaking, training, consulting, and coaching services to organizations who believe in investing in their most valuable assets – their people.

Whether we are leading a training workshop, speaking to a group, facilitating a planning meeting or consulting with a leadership team, our vision will be clear in everything we do – we are here to help you become the leader and human being you were born to be.

How It All Started

In the fall of 1993, Kevin Eikenberry left Chevron to start the company now known as the Kevin Eikenberry Group (our third name!). His mission then and ours now is to help you see the world differently, lead more confidently, make a bigger difference for those you lead and to realize the vast potential in yourself and others.

Our Guiding Principles

We run our business based on a set of core philosophies that govern our daily choices, decisions and actions.

We believe that training is an event, learning is a process.

Real useful learning comes from a continual process of doing, trying, experiencing and applying. We will only ever see results we desire when we consider the “event” a spark for, rather than the completion of, the learning.

Principles Matter.

While we will always be innovative and look for new ways to solve problems, we know that simple, elegant and timeless principles work and we won’t waver from our belief in and application of those principles.

Everything we do at The Kevin Eikenberry Group is built on the same foundational principles that we’ve been teaching from day one. These principles are powerful and they become even more powerful by their consistent, ongoing application.

Client Success Is Our Success. We Work with Clients That Desire Partners, Not Vendors.

Client partnerships create a greater sense of meaning, engage employees and lead to lower costs and higher quality products – for everyone. It’s simple: when we work as partners, work is simpler to accomplish, we have more fun and we’re all more successful.

Learning, Work and Life Should Be Fun. If We Are Doing It Right, Work (and Learning) Is Play.

We believe that learning should be fun. Human beings are learning beings. When we make learning fun, exciting and interactive, we learn more, learn faster, and remember longer.

Everyone and every organization has extraordinary potential; and investments of time, energy and money are required for the potential to be realized.

We aren’t just delivering training, consulting, and coaching services; we want to be a catalyst for your personal and professional growth, a source of the knowledge needed to help you to recognize your own potential, create a more meaningful life and make a bigger positive difference in the world.

Our Success Is Determined by the Attitude We Choose Each Day.

Attitude is a choice. And the choices we make will affect everything else. If we want to be more successful and have a bigger impact, we must focus on our attitude, our actions will start to change our work, our team and our world.

Meet Our Remarkable Team

While we started as just Kevin consulting and training, we are now a hybrid and remote team of individuals spread across the country with headquarters in Indianapolis, IN.