Reclaim Your Time & Improve Productivity!


Starts: Oct 9 

Are you tired of feeling overwhelmed and worried that productivity means working harder and sacrificing the little free time that you do have? The Productivity Intensive is a powerful 45-day program based around a simple idea: the most productive people don’t only manage their time well, they also manage their focus and energy and have developed a productivity mindset.

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Bud to Boss Virtual

Based on the principles and competencies in the bestselling book, From Bud to Boss, this program teaches core principles, techniques and approaches that new and frontline leaders need to master their role and succeed right from the start!

Bud to Boss Certification

Our Train-the-Trainer solutions allow trainers the chance to learn and practice the Bud to Boss program so it can be successfully delivered within your organization. We provide all of the materials your trainers need and work with them to facilitate the workshop in the most effective way possible. 

Long-Distance Leadership Series

A small group experience delivered in 6 online sessions teaching all of the skills remote leaders need, including building a virtual team, leading virtual meetings, presenting effectively, coaching from a distance and much more.