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Train-the-Trainer Solutions for Your Organization

Our Train-the-Trainer Solutions allow trainers to learn and practice the Bud to Boss program so they can successfully deliver it within your organization. We provide all of the materials your trainers need and work with them to facilitate the workshop in the most effective way possible. This solution provides as much developmental value as our courses themselves. We aren’t training trainers to deliver a “script”, but rather helping them to digest and learn the material so that they can personalize the delivery for the greatest impact. Our coaches help each trainer to find a unique way of delivering the program, incorporating their own stories to engage and excite participants.

We offer both on-site training for companies who need to train a significant number of trainers, and we also have public certification workshops that you can register for throughout the year.

Certification and licensing is for your organization if . . .

  • You have a pent-up need for new supervisor training.
  • You have a steady stream of new supervisors coming on board due to fast growth or a changing business environment.
  • You have talented trainers.
  • You don’t have time to build your own program and see no reason to re-invent the wheel.
  • You have a new leader workshop – and it focuses on company policies and law – but you know you need to teach the leadership skills too.
  • You want the credibility that comes with partnering with the authors of a best-selling book on new supervisor and leadership success.

What’s included in the Bud to Boss Trainer Certification Process:

  • A 3-day interactive & advanced learning experience preparing you to successfully deliver the material—you leave certified to use and deploy this training inside your organization. You are guaranteed to have at least one of the authors and course designers, Kevin Eikenberry or Guy Harris, as one of your trainers!
  • Special Certified Trainer dinner with your trainer and others from Kevin’s team.
  • Access and use to the video support for the training (Authors Kevin and Guy teaching critical pieces of the content for maximum success).
  • 1 hour of personal coaching after certification and prior to the first training session that you deliver.
  • Access to additional materials.
  • Rights to purchase the licensed workshop materials—not available anywhere, unless you are certified.
  • Discounts on the From Bud to Boss book and the Journey From Bud to Boss companion learning journal—to make your training more powerful for your participants.
Trainer Certification investments start at $3,500 for the complete experience and full certification.

Upcoming Workshop Dates

For more information about this workshop, email info@kevineikenberry.com or call 317-384-1424 ext. 14

Our Trainers

All of our training is led by top-notch professionals. Experts in their fields, each one is hand-selected and certified. This certification is an important process and helps each trainer to better understand our training philosophy, their role and the expectations of them – resulting in a more successful participant and workshop success!

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