Solutions for the Virtual Workplace

Maximizing Productivity on Remote and Hybrid Teams

We’re all busy. But are we productive? The lines between office, home and where or when work are blurring. How can individuals and their leaders stay focused, productive and do the right work in the right way at the right time?

In this interactive session, we’ll help you to get control of your day life and career. We start by identifying the unique challenges that confront remote workers, and robs them of both their productivity and time. You’ll learn the importance of clarifying your role, your work and your goals and also how to make sure you and your organization are in sync right from the start.

We’ll also introduce tools and technology that you can use to improve your communication and collaboration with other teammates and employees, and we’ll even review how to set up an “office” that fosters productivity and creativity.

Course Objectives

  • Identify challenges of being productive when working apart or in a hybrid team
  • Discuss tool use and share best practices
  • Share external factors that impact productivity
  • Discuss the 4 Pivot Questions
  • Use the questions to help leaders coach your team
  • Learn best practices, tools and techniques
  • Build an action plan


This two-hour webinar workshop is a small group experience – the class size is capped at 15 participants to allow maximum interaction and learning. Participants will learn simple rules, tips, and best practices for maximizing productivity as a remote employee, and how to coach others to be more productive and effective.

This course is available as a standalone program or as part of The Long-Distance Leadership Series. 

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