Bud to Boss Virtual


Bud to Boss Workshop

Give your new supervisors the same powerful and interactive Bud to Boss training without ever leaving their desk!

Because we understand that travel is not always an option for some organizations, we deliver the Bud to Boss classroom workshop remotely so that the new supervisors in your organization can learn the valuable skills they need to succeed without ever leaving their desk. Broken down into six 2-hour sessions – one per week for six weeks – Bud to Boss Remote is delivered via Zoom and is a live and interactive training opportunity. We specifically limit class size to allow for maximum interaction and learning and record every session, allowing for continued access after the live session date.

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With every live online workshop, your new supervisors get:

  • A small group experience where they’ll learn and work together to master new skills
  • Live & personal feedback from their facilitator and peers
  • Valuable learning opportunities from the questions & challenges of others in the group
  • Actionable advice from the facilitator, helping them to implement what they learn in the class back in the real world.


Session #1: The Transition

  • Create a personal definition of leadership
  • 13 keys to leadership success
  • How to transition to your supervisory/leadership role, “from Bud to Boss”
  • The 11 components of the supervisor role
  • The control/empowerment balance
  • The power of expectations

Session #2: Change

  • The 4 levers of change – what they are and how to use them
  • The critical differences between managing, leading and championing change
  • Why resistance doesn’t have to be a bad thing
  • 3 ways to overcome resistance
  • 5 ways to accelerate organizational change

Session #3: Communication

  • How to effectively communicate with different people
  • 7 ways to make your communication more powerful, persuasive and memorable
  • 6 ways to listen better at work tomorrow – and every day
  • 6 keys to winning presentations

Session #4: Coaching and Feedback

  • Use the Coaching ABC’s
  • 3 sources of feedback
  • 4 types of feedback
  • 10 ways to give better feedback
  • 6 ways to make performance reviews less painful and more effective
  • 10 ways to be more supportive
  • How to use a practical coaching model

Session #5: Collaboration and Teamwork

  • How to use the 4 stages of team development
  • How to manage conflict on your team
  • 3 ways to increase team energy and effectiveness
  • 7 keys to better meetings
  • The role of a team leader

Session #6: Goal Setting

  • 5 keys to a successful goal-setting mindset – and why it is important
  • 10 steps to setting achievable goals
  • How to engage others in team goal setting
  • 5 ways to improve goal achievement success

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