A companion volume to From Bud to Boss, and a great companion to follow your attendance in one of our workshops, the Journey is a workbook designed to help you apply the knowledge gained to actual work experiences.

Each section covers a separate topic and each one is independent of the others. You can work through all of them from front to back or work through only those topics you feel will help you to enhance your supervisory skills. It includes activities, questions, and exercises designed to take you beyond the concepts introduced to you during the Workshop or the book. And while this book is completely designed to be written in, many of the tools and templates may work better in digital form, and you might want to use them more than once. We took that into account too – and every book purchase includes special access to many templates and tools in both pdf and Word document form so that you can use them over and over.

In each section you will find Now Steps. These are specific actions you can take to help you through a particular leadership situation or to help you answer a specific question you might have. Some are reflective and some are designed for immediate use by you and/or your team, but all are meant to be used.

You will also find Next Steps. Next Steps close each Section and give you longer term thoughts on your development as a leader in this area of your role and responsibilities.

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