Building and nurturing strong working relationships is one of the most important skills any professional can possess. After all, human beings are social beings, and business is conducted by those humans. The need to build relationships doesn’t go away when we become leaders, but the nature of, number of, and complexity of those relationships changes.

And having stronger relationships creates less stress, promotes higher productivity, improves speed and efficiency and helps our work in almost every measurable way.

Like most anything of great value, strong relationships don’t just show up on their own. If you want relationships at all, let alone better ones, you must do something. You must do your part, take responsibility and do the things that will build relationships for mutual benefit.

In this Master Class, you will learn the nuances of relationship building as a leader and how to do it more confidently and effectively across the entire range of people with whom you interact, collaborate, and transact business.

In this Master Class, you will learn:

  • A definition of nurturing relationships
  • Actionable relationship nurturing strategies
  • The 2 most important factors needed to build any relationship
  • A framework to determine which relationships you might want to focus on nurturing
  • Tips for building your relationships with hybrid teams or with team members who work remotely
  • And much more!

The fact is that without relationships, we can’t lead. And as our relationships grow stronger, we build a stronger leadership platform. Learn how to build stronger and healthier working relationships with this powerful Master Class!

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