Overcoming Micromanagement


Overcoming Micromanagement

No one likes to be micromanaged, yet we have all experienced it. It is often the case that people want to talk about the micromanagement inflicted on them far more often than asking if they are inflicting it on others.

The paradox of micromanagement is that no one likes it, yet it continues to occur. It might be the most recognized issue with poor leadership, yet it persists in organizations and teams around the world.

There are many reasons why it happens, even if it is untended, and there are myths about it helping perpetuate it. And while people don’t like it, they tend to underestimate the problems it can cause.

Consistent micromanagement stifles the development of team members, reduces commitment and engagement, reduces trust levels, and can increase turnover. If you as a leader or if your organization are experiencing any of these, you might be well-served to look at the levels of micromanagement in your organization.

In this Master Class you will learn the causes of micromanagement and more importantly, the solutions to this problem – which is more than just a bad habit, but a highly ineffective approach to leading and managing.

In this Master Class, you will learn:

  • The definition of micromanagement, so you know how to recognize and avoid this
  • The most common causes of micromanagement
  • How to find a balance between help and direction
  • The mindset you need to overcome micromanagement
  • What you must do differently on remote teams
  • And more! Check out the complete course description below.

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