Remarkable Change Leadership: Leading Change Effectively


Change is everywhere.

There are mergers, reorganizations, product launches, new software to be implemented, quality problems to solve, and a host of other things.

Change is the currency of leadership. Stated another way, if leading change isn’t part of your skillset, you will never be the leader you could be. Leaders are in the change business – and unfortunately, most organizations (and leaders) aren’t very good at implementing it. And when employees resist change and change initiatives fail, it causes you, your team and the organization big problems.

The resistance, negativity, complaining, and decreased morale that so often surrounds change initiatives can be debilitating.

Productivity plummets because the change resisters spend their time focused on fighting the change rather than doing their work. Additionally, you and other employees waste too much time dealing with a change resister’s arguments, complaints and lack of action.

And there is more to successful change than simply managing it – successful change requires something more. In this Master Class you will learn the keys to the change process – how we all make the decision to change – and how you can use those keys to help people make the choice to change more predictably and successfully. With this skillset you will be a more effective and confident leader and be in demand for future leadership roles.

Whether we realize it or not, we are communicating about change all the time – and it is our responsibility to do that more consciously and intentionally. If not, we risk letting this important role fall from our sight as important but not urgent, and our overall leadership effectiveness will suffer because it. Make the commitment to your success and make plans to join us to become a true change champion!

Remarkable Master Classes = Affordable Leadership Development That Creates Lasting Results!

Remarkable Master Classes are broken down into short, bite-sized lessons (5 – 10 minutes each) – allowing learners take it at their own pace, wherever they are, and most importantly, when they are ready to learn.

With Remarkable Master Classes, you get:

  • Carefully developed and curated content by Kevin Eikenberry and our in-house subject matter experts
  • Compact, high quality video modules designed to be consumed quickly whenever and wherever
  • Engaging and comprehensive training in a wide range of leadership skills
  • Cost-effective, leadership development that delivers meaningful results and builds strong leaders

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