Are you comfortable (and confident) leading in the virtual workplace?

Join us for a powerful, 4-part video series titled, Demystifying Remote Leadership. You will learn how to create solid working relationships in a virtual team with more confidence and less stress!

These videos include our best teaching that we’ve used with thousands of leaders and their organizations. Here’s what you can expect!

Video #1: We’ll start the series at the core of remote leadership. We’ll talk a little bit about how we got to where we are in the workplace today. We’ll cover the many ways that the role of a leader has changed and how it hasn’t. We’ll also address some of the most common challenges that remote leaders and teams face.

Picture of a computer with videos from the Demystifying Remote Leadership Video Series

Video #2: Now we’ll start delving into the skills – very tactical behaviors – that will make a huge difference in successfully communicating with and engaging a remote workforce. We’ll cover virtual meetings – and why they are so often ineffective. You’ll learn 3 key components that when actually used, can completely transform your virtual meetings. We’ll also cover remote coaching – including the role of expectations and mindset.

Video #3: We’ll finish the series with the inherent paradox of remote leadership: that in many ways the role of a leader hasn’t changed, but HOW we do it, mediated by technology and working often in an information vacuum can make this feel like a very different experience. You’ll learn a simple model that will help you choose the right tool for the right job, ensuring that you use technology in a way that is powerful and effective

Video #4: We call this the “What’s Next?” video. Because while you’ll learn a lot of actionable tactics that you can immediately use, leadership success doesn’t come from just one event or one video series. We must be continually working on our development and actively seeking solutions to the real challenges that we face every day as remote leaders. The tools and resources we share will be transformational.

This series is going to completely demystify remote leadership, giving you practical ideas and actionable steps that you can take right away with your remote employees and team members.

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