You're in a new role. Do you know where to start?

Join us for a powerful, 5-part video series titled, What You Should Do in the First 45 Days of Your New Role. You’ll learn the most important steps to take in the first 45 days of any new role to ensure that you are leading with more confidence and less stress!

These videos include our best teaching from Bud to Boss that we’ve used with thousands of leaders and their organizations. Here’s what you can expect!

Video #1 – Understanding Your Role: We’ll start the series by talking about day one, week one and the importance of understanding your new role. Now that may sound obvious, but it’s not always. In any new role, there are a lot of assumptions and it’s absolutely imperative that you get crystal clear on what it is. In the video, you’ll learn three powerful questions to help you.

Video #2 – The Biggest Mistakes New Leaders Make: Whether you are completely new to leadership or you are in a new role on a new team, there are some very common mistakes that new leaders make. It’s important to be able to identify these specifically so we don’t make them ourselves. In this video, we’ll share these top mistakes so you can identify them before they happen.

Video #3 – The Listening Tour: In this video, we’re taking it a step further with a powerful solution, one that is often overlooked, and that will help you avoid all of the mistakes that we discussed in that video. We believe that this could be one of the most important things that you do in the first few days and weeks of any new role.

Video #4 – Setting Clear Expectations: Expectations are the forgotten fundamental of leadership. And while most everyone will nod and agree that expectations are important, far too often we see that they are assumed, misunderstood, or missing. In this video, we’ll talk about the expectations that you need to set and be clear about, as well as specific steps to take to help you set them.

Video #5 – Build New Routines: In this final video, we’re talking about routines. As long as you have been in the workplace, you have had routines. As your job changed, those routines adjusted with you. So, in a new role, when your work is different, your routines must be as well. You’ll learn five routines that will help you reduce stress, be more productive and more successful in your new role.

This series will set you up for success right from the start of your new role, giving you practical ideas and actionable steps that you can take and implement right away.

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