Training is an event. Learning is a PROCESS. 

We believe that real useful learning comes from a continual process of doing, trying, experiencing and applying. That's why every learning solution we offer incorporates ways to continually use and apply the ideas learned to help make them a part of who you are as a leader in the real world.

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I don't always have the time to read them when they come in, but I try to take at least a few mins. each week to review the information and articles that are relevant to me. I truly appreciate the fact that they are usually less than 10 minutes making it easy for me to fit it in between other tasks. I also appreciate being able to go to the website for more in depth, detailed and longer articles related to the topic at hand when I need to. A great combination of knowledge sharing, training and convenience that everyone should be able to utilize. Thank you for the awesome and inspiring articles! Keep it up, please!

Jill Simpson , Florida Dept. of Children and Families

The Remote Leadership Institute is my go-to for all things related to leadership. I feel prepared to handle inevitable crises because I'm working on being a better leader every day. Thank you to Kevin Eikenberry and Wayne Turmel for their willingness to share information and lead by example!

Beth Nichols , MyComputerCareer

Kevin's approach is warm and yet still challenging. You want to immediately try his ideas and measure ROI because they ring so true.

Roxanne Rizzo , C3i Solutions

I have been reading Kevin's news letters over last four years. It could play a tremendous role in enhancing my knowledge, skills and the professional development. Kevin is a remarkable resource person.

Mahinda Panampitiya , Edotcogroup

Always excited to hear and read Kevin’s perspectives on leadership. He and his work are transparent, thought provoking and easy to apply.

Lois Searles , Stonetree, LLC

Kevin’s insights are remarkable, fresh and on point, a joy to read and view. Thank you for your passion and commitment to developing strong leaders .

Eileen Bradley , Kirby Risk

The leadership philosophies and principles Kevin shares are both easy to embrace and remarkably simple in an age where the trend is how complex and flashy a thing can be determines it's worth. Well Done!

Peter Huey

I have had the privilege of attending a few of Kevin's leadership sessions. Each time I am inspired and take away something to share with my leadership team.

Leah Cridlin , Balluff, Inc.

Training sessions with Kevin are very positive and helpful. I can't wait to share the opportunity with a co-worker who was recently promoted!

Nancy Meyer , Hill-Rom

Kevin has a way of making leadership development and growth approachable, practical, and impactful!

Kimberly Heindl , ELCA

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