Training is an event. Learning is a PROCESS. 

We believe that real useful learning comes from a continual process of doing, trying, experiencing and applying. That's why every learning solution we offer incorporates ways to continually use and apply the ideas learned to help make them a part of who you are as a leader in the real world.

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Professional coaching is one of the most effective tools to help maximize performance and drive success - for individual performers, teams or throughout your organization.

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I have been enjoying the program! A lot of useful information as well as great tips on how to approach situations differently! I believe my coworkers have been enjoying it as well!

Drew Quillen , Swagelok

I have been reading Kevin's news letters over last four years. It could play a tremendous role in enhancing my knowledge, skills and the professional development. Kevin is a remarkable resource person.

Mahinda Panampitiya , Edotcogroup

I always enjoy his videos. Simple and thought provoking. Easy to learn and easy to apply.

Rose Huie , Rose Y. C. Huie C.P.A.

Always something to implement that same day!

Scott Shaffer , Bingaman and Son Lumber, Inc.

I attended the Virtual Leader Conference for 4 out of the 5 days and gutted I missed day one! The speakers were excellent and I learned a lot at the same time as having fun. I loved the camaraderie between everyone who attended and the organising team and also the expert skills of Kevin Eikenberry as the facilitator. It was extremely interactive, interesting, inspiring and motivational. I was also very lucky to win some of the books (signed by the authors) and many were given away over the 5 days. The way each day was summarised at the end of the day and people’s take-aways was also inspiring. I would highly recommend the conferences and the Eikenberry organisation.

Sue France , Sue France Training

I look forward to receiving your short videos with inspirational and knowledgeable information. These videos have helped add a little something extra to my programs. Thanks.

Yvette Amparo , Jordan Valley Water District

Kevin's approach is warm and yet still challenging. You want to immediately try his ideas and measure ROI because they ring so true.

Roxanne Rizzo , C3i Solutions

Kevin has made an impact with my work life in such a positive way. I have been able to employ the skills and tips I learned, with results almost immediately.

Susan Lawlor , ePlus Technology, inc.

Leaders focused on developing leaders, will find the resources and wisdom provided by Kevin and his Remarkable team are essential tools for promoting leadership growth.

Jan Dietz , Stefanini

I love the fact that these gems drop into my mailbox weekly -- when things get crazy, Kevin is right there proactively sending me value-added content.

Darren Smith

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