Training is an event. Learning is a PROCESS. 

We believe that real useful learning comes from a continual process of doing, trying, experiencing and applying. That's why every learning solution we offer incorporates ways to continually use and apply the ideas learned to help make them a part of who you are as a leader in the real world.

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Whether you are evaluating one department or your entire organization, we want to be your learning partner to help you build solutions that support your unique needs. 


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Explore our learning programs - live in-person or virtual and on-demand - covering all of the skills and competencies today's professionals need to succeed at work and in life. 

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We can help equip your in-house training team to deliver engaging and powerful learning experiences - virtually or in-person. 

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Professional coaching is one of the most effective tools to help maximize performance and drive success - for individual performers, teams or throughout your organization.

Will YOU Be the Next Success Story?

Join these leaders and organizations who are making a REMARKABLE difference in their organizations, teams and lives.

Kevin never disappoints. Every session is a learning experience that I use at work and home.

Tuan Newlin , Ruoff Mortgage

Kevin's practical leadership development strategies have helped me to be an effective mentor for newer supervisors, and I've grown in the process too.

Laura Strait , Sixth Judicial District DCS

I enjoy and appreciate the nuggets of wisdom Kevin provides. Bite-sized chunks of useful information make it easy for my to apply right away.

Elizabeth Lachowicz , CFMA - Construction Finance Management Association

The Leadership learning provided each week by Kevin is truly remarkable. The content is thought provoking,easy to understand and more importantly to truly does make a difference to your effectiveness as a leader.

Phil Delaney , BDC

Kevin's messages provide information for the gaps I sometimes can't seem to fill in training. Thank you Kevin!

Lynette Cose , Bunn

I have always found Kevin's information very valuable and worth my time. It has definitely made me a better leader and I would recommend it to anyone who wants to become a better leader.

Chaegon Lim , Vital Leadership Solutions

Kevin has a way of making each session productive and memorable. His group leadership facilitation made our conversations on company culture meaningful and provided actionable items we can pursue and integrate within the company.

Tracie Egger , AgReliant Genetics

The Remote Leadership Institute is my go-to for all things related to leadership. I feel prepared to handle inevitable crises because I'm working on being a better leader every day. Thank you to Kevin Eikenberry and Wayne Turmel for their willingness to share information and lead by example!

Beth Nichols , MyComputerCareer

The materials encourage an ongoing practice of confirming leadership skills and techniques which is a great investment of time and energy to produce meaningful results!

Lee Rayzer

I receive many emails each week encompassing leadership skills, however, Of all the resource materials which arrive in my inbox, I Choose to read Kevin Eikenberry's leadership material. He is always to the point and I have implemented and been happy with the results which Kevin has suggested. Thank you Kevin!

Mary Masters , H. J. Opdyke Lumber Co., Inc.

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