Bud to Boss Toolkit: 20 e-Learning Courses to Ease the Transition…

Pricing starts at just $99 for all 20 modules!*

Moving into a position of authority brings new challenges and new responsibilities—some of which might be uncomfortable. And as a first-time supervisor, it’s common to feel overwhelmed, anxious and stressed out about transitioning from co-worker to boss.

That’s why we’ve put together this comprehensive 20-module e-learning program to help new leaders as they are experiencing challenges. The Bud to Boss Toolkit provides on-the-spot support to help new leaders succeed.

The Toolkit Includes the Following Modules:

  • Discussing Your New Leadership Role:
    Plan and conduct productive conversations with those you will work with in your new role.
  • Understand the Expectations of a New Role:
    Create clear expectations with your boss in your changing role
  • Creating the Mindset for Your New Role:
    Know what you need to do to transition your personal mindset to be effective in your new role
  • Control vs. Influence:
    Determine what you can control and influence to increase your personal and professional effectiveness
  • Communicating Positive Expectations:
    Know how to have positive expectations of others
  • Motivation for Change:
    Understand the factors that influence the desire and motivation to make a change
  • Accelerate the Acceptance of Organization Change:
    Know how to implement the right actions to accelerate the acceptance and success of any organization change
  • Diagnose Resistance to Change:
    Diagnose resistance to change to effectively lead and champion organization change
  • Dominant Communication Style:
    Know how to communicate and connect with employees who like to move fast and are task oriented
  • Inspiring Communication Style:
    Know how to communicate and connect with employees who like to move fast and are high energy nd relationship oriented
  • Supportive Communication Style:
    Know how to communicate and connect with employees who care about others and like to evaluate before acting
  • Cautious Communication Style:
    Know how to communicate and connect with employees who are great with the data and like to evaluate before acting
  • Seven Components of Great Presentations:
    Apply the seven key components required to give a great presentation
  • Sources of Feedback:
    Understand where you can tap your feedback power and put it to use
  • Four Types of Feedback:
    Use the four types of feedback to create the right balance in your coaching
  • Six Step Coaching Model:
    Use the six step coaching model to lead others to higher levels of performance
  • Remove Yourself as a Source of Threat:
    Remove yourself as a source of threat during conflict to develop a mutual resolution plan
  • Creating a Conflict Resolution Mindset:
    Create a conflict resolution mindset to increase your ability to facilitate effective conflict management
  • Accelerate Goal Achievement:
    Articulate a compelling reason why a goal matters to accelerate progress towards achieving the goal
  • Goal Setting at Three Levels:
    Learn the three types of goals you can set to motivate and inspire your team to achieve higher levels of performance.

All courses are approved for 1 hour of PDU credit.

Created with our partner, Vado Inc., The Bud to Boss Toolkit is a convenient way to support new leaders on the job. While these modules sit on your LMS and are in that way “e-Learning”, we consider them to be performance support tools. These bite sized, e-learning modules help learners take what they learn and immediately apply it to their work.

  • Each module is a short-instructional video, led by Kevin Eikenberry or Guy Harris (or both!)
  • Each module includes an Implementation Guide – comprehensive step-by-step instructions to help guide the learner through the lesson and to help develop their capabilities.
  • Learners are able to develop at their own pace – completing each program on their timetable.
  • All modules include downloadable templates, checklists or other tools to help implement the learning – true job aids – and a Course Assessment to help learners evaluate their development success.

Contact us to view a sample course and learn more about our e-learning courses.

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