Organizations are experiencing a major talent crunch. From employee turnover to challenges in finding talent, many organizations are cutting operating hours, slashing initiatives and running leaner than ever because they can’t get the quantity and quality of talent they need.

How can you as a leader improve your organization’s ability to retain and attract the talent you want and need? How can you reduce the cost and frustration of turnover? In this practical masterclass you will learn that there is much you can do! Join us to learn what actions you can take, skills you can develop, and processes you can support that will help you keep your best talent – and build your team both now and in the future.

You can maintain or wage your war– but if you as an organization, team and leader shift your focus to being a talent magnet, you will avoid many of the problems of war, and get better short- and long-term results for your new efforts.

In this Master Class, you will learn:

  • The types of costs associated with turnover
  • The number one cause of talent turnover
  • The factors that might impact talent retention
  • How to balance outcomes and others
  • How to create a culture where people want to work
  • Practical ways to be a more empathetic leader
  • And more! Check out the complete course description below.

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