A Successful Future Begins with a Successful Start

Learn the Keys to Successful Leadership Results – Right from the Start

Congratulations! Getting promoted (especially to a leadership role) is exciting . . . and scary. Becoming a leader for the first time is one of the most challenging and critical career transitions you’ll ever face. And with this transition comes challenges and changes — some expected and some unexpected. For example, you need to…

  • Establish your new authority without coming off as “bossy”.
  • Inspire and motivate employees who are your former colleagues (and maybe even friends!)
  • Give difficult and uncomfortable feedback.
  • Understand and manage the new expectations that have been put on you in your new role. You now need to get your work done through others.
  • Manage high-risk decisions.
  • Navigate company politics and handle the inevitable grapevine that you once could choose to participate in or ignore but now must actually manage and even quiet.

We know – The reality is that leadership itself is complex, and when you add all of these additional concerns, it can be overwhelming.

Unfortunately, many new managers have been set up to fail because they were thrown into supervisory positions without any training, guidance or support. In fact, 40% of new managers fail within the first 18 months of being promoted.

You don’t want to be in that category!

It is absolutely essential to develop these skills right from the start when you need them most. Get started the right way and you’ll save time and energy by avoiding the rookie mistakes you’d make otherwise by the trial and error method. And, if you’ve been in the role for a while, you will learn strategies and techniques you can use to fix any mistakes you’ve already made or to improve on what you have learned already from your trial-and-error experience.

Get the skills you need to master your role right from the start.

Based on the best-selling book, From Bud to Boss, the Bud to Boss Workshop will provide you with core principles, techniques and approaches that you can apply to any situation that you’ll face as a new leader.

In just two days, you’ll learn the kinds of things it usually takes managers years to learn and we’ll answer every question you have (and even some you don’t have!), including:

  • How do I get a better understanding of my new role/responsibility?
  • How do I communicate with new peers that have way more experience than I do?
  • How do I gain respect, trust and credibility in my new role?
  • How can I resolve conflict between employees?
  • What is the best way to communicate about difficult issues?
  • How can I manage my time and juggle an ever-changing list of priorities?
  • What do I do to help people deal with change, and how do I minimize their resistance to it?
  • What’s the best way to delegate effectively?

Bud to Boss goes beyond the nuts and bolts of your job. You already know that stuff, or else you wouldn’t have gotten the promotion. The skills that got you promoted aren’t the ones that will help you to achieve success as a leader.

If you haven’t coached and lead people, dealt with heavy time management issues, built a team, administered company policy or had to deal with upper management directly before, then you need to learn these fundamentals to help you succeed.

Learn more and register for an upcoming workshop.

This workshop is also available on-demand.

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