Ever notice how some people are able to gain support for their ideas—almost instantly it seems—while others must battle resistance to every single thing they propose?

It’s all about influence.

Learning how to influence others—peers, superiors, even your customers—without relying on your position within the org chart is an art and an important one to master, because unfortunately, positional power doesn’t actually carry the weight that you think it might.

When you need to achieve your objectives, simply being the “boss” isn’t enough – you must have influence.

Mastering the art of influence can be the difference between achieving your goals and objectives and struggling for the resources and attention you need to get things done.

When you master the art of influence, you will be highly successful at convincing others to listen to you, commit to your plans, and help you get your ideas off the ground.

In this practical and inspirational Master Class, you will learn the mindsets required and gain the confidence and skills to be influential in a positive and exciting way. Regardless of your role and work, join us to speed your path towards influencing powerfully.

In this Master Class, you will learn:

  • Factors that impact our ability to influence
  • Understanding how strength and warmth help us influence more powerfully
  • How to be more influential in your communication
  • Strategies for influencing on hybrid and remote teams
  • And much more!

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