Remarkable Reminder Pads


An Easy – and Memorable – Way to Remind People They Are Remarkable!

Want an easy way to give positive feedback?

Want to invest small efforts for big rewards?

Want to help people see how effective they are – and encourage them to keep growing?

How many investments of 30 seconds can do all of those things?

The best leaders, co-workers, coaches, teachers, and parents, not only notice what people are doing well, they let them know! Remarkable Reminder Pads are the perfect and easy way to do just that. Whether you want to post them or share them personally, share them anonymously, or sign them, they are an easy way to invest 30 seconds and make someone else’s day!

More than just a “nice to do,” they improve self confidence, raise productivity and improve relationships.

Whether you want to just buy a couple pads for yourself, give a few away as gifts, or start a Remarkable Revolution in your organization, school, community, or home, Remarkable Reminder Pads are the perfect choice.

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