2016 will go down in history as a turbulent, stressful and crazy year for nearly all of us. Whether it was the turbulent presidential election, or the death of a favorite celebrity (really, I can mourn both Merle Haggard and Prince. Don’t judge…), things were crazy.

Yet, one thing stayed the same in the workplace, especially for those working remotely: email overload.

People hate email.

Among all of the articles and videos I posted on this blog over the past year, I spent a fair amount of time writing about our use (or misuse) of electronic communication with our teams and colleagues. And since so many of us have been spending time looking forward and thinking about ways to make 2017 our best year yet, we’ve put together this e-book with my best and easiest-to-implement tips for writing and managing email more effectively.

Get the e-book here

Here’s to the past year, and cheers to the next trip around the sun for all of us.

Just don’t email us from the bathroom. (Check out page 13!)

Wayne Turmel--The Remote Leadership Institute

Wayne Turmel, Co-founder of The Remote Leadership Institute

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