Delegation. It’s something that every leader has feelings about.

Some feel they do it well. Some don’t even know where to start. Some feel like every time someone has “delegated” to them, it felt like they’d just been dumped on. Some think it is something they should do. Some resist it.

Whatever your opinions on delegation, delegation is valuable and necessary, and far too often done poorly or not at all.

In this Master Class, we’ll take a deep dive into delegation and the leader’s role in it. We will talk about how to intentionally and effectively delegate, and we’ll explore many of the common (and inaccurate) beliefs about what it is and why we should do it. We’ll review the barriers that can get in the way of delegation along with easy and effective solutions for overcoming them. And we’ll share a checklist for what to do BEFORE delegating, tips for how to have a successful delegation conversation and how to do all of this from a distance.

When we delegate ineffectively, we reinforce our beliefs that “we should have just done it ourselves”, making it less likely we will delegate (let alone do it effectively) in the future. With this Master Class, you’ll learn how delegation can be a powerful tool that increases your own productivity, develops the people you’re leading, and ultimately creates better results for you, your team member and ultimately, the organization.

Remarkable Master Classes = Affordable Leadership Development That Creates Lasting Results!

Remarkable Master Classes are broken down into short, bite-sized lessons (5 – 10 minutes each) – allowing learners take it at their own pace, wherever they are, and most importantly, when they are ready to learn.

With Remarkable Master Classes, you get:

    Carefully developed and curated content by Kevin Eikenberry and our in-house subject matter experts.
    Compact, high quality video modules designed to be consumed quickly whenever and wherever
    Engaging and comprehensive training in a wide range of leadership skills
    Cost-effective, leadership development that delivers meaningful results and builds strong leaders

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