Voting in virtual meetings by using meeting tools (like as Skype or WebEx) is a great way to not only grab your team’s thoughts but also to be able to make sure your remote team is participation. Leading a remote team can be difficult, and you have unique challenges that other leaders may not face. Learn more about the effectiveness of voting in virtual meetings by watching the video below.

Creating successful remote teams requires high trust levels and communication between team members as well as between yourself and your team. It is up to you as the leader to create communication opportunities, like virtual meetings, to develop your team. And we have many ways for you to learn how to cultivate a remote team that works synergistically on our website, The Remote Leadership Institute. We also have an upcoming webinar, Leading Effective Virtual Meetings, coming up on May 5th, that offers training that will speed up adoption of the tools, increase comfort with their use and give greater return on your technology investment. Visit our website now for more info!

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