If you’re like most of us, just the thought of opening your email inbox can DRASTICALLY raise your blood pressure…and that’s why it’s time to declare WAR on email!

In today’s video, Wayne Turmel, co-founder of The Remote Leadership Institute, will show us ways to lessen our email overload, as well as lower our blood pressure…

Watch the video below if you are ready to stop the email madness, start taking control, and declare WAR on email!

If you’re struggling with writing the emails you send and managing the sheer volume on the receiving end, it’s time to declare WAR on email, by checking out our NEW email training course, Writing and Managing Email. It’s designed to teach you basic, yet effective best practices in both crafting high-quality emails and managing the volume and quality of emails you receive each day.

Click HERE for more information on our NEW email course, Writing and Managing Email, just one of the many training tools we offer for to you, so you can be your best while working remotely!

P.S. Interested in other FREE resources that can help you battle your way through the remote workplace? Click HERE for a variety of tips and tools you can add to your remote leader toolkit!

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