In today’s video, we are talking about something that drives everyone crazy. We complain about it. Our team complains about it. It wastes time and productivity and takes our focus off other things that are more important.

It is…

Email Threads.

And today we’re giving you a very simple solution to help this all-too-common annoyance.

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  1. Nice, if you really insist on using email for collaboration…
    … but I’d suggest, not to do.

    I’d suggest, you
    A) organize your remote-work in projects
    B) follow the structure of the project for organizing the communication-content 1:1 (WBS-structured communication-management)
    C) take advantage of using the CFLX [ci-flaegs] (or follow their methodology) for avoiding misinterpretations because of ITC-induced communication-filters.
    => Clear statements instead of reading between the lines. Mandatory.

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