Few people get as much positive feedback as they need or deserve, especially at work. So if you see morale taking a nose-dive (or even if you just want to do something nice for your employees), complete this super simple activity to give everyone a big morale boost.

  • Create an envelope with each team member’s name on it. Inside, include a piece of paper that also has that team member’s name on it.
  • Shuffle the envelopes in the center of the table. Ask each person to take an envelope that’s not their own. Then have everyone write one thing they appreciate about that person or what they bring to the team on the piece of paper. When they are finished, instruct them to place the paper back in the envelope and put it back in the center of the table. When all envelopes have returned, start over and repeat until everyone has had everyone else’s envelope.
  • Allow everyone to take their own envelope and read what they received. If you want, give everyone the chance to make a comment or say “thank you” to the team for this valuable gift.

I have had people talk to me about things on their piece of paper years after the exercise took place! It feels good to be recognized by your employees. Additionally, when people feel respected by their coworkers, they’re more cooperative and collaborative, both of which improve productivity and overall team performance.

Perhaps as important, it forces everyone to see the value that everyone else brings to the table. That’s especially important on teams where conflict has been an issue.

What tactics do you use to increase peer recognition on your team? Please share your ideas in the comments section so we can learn from one another! 

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