There are better ways to learn how to swim than being thrown into the deep end of the pool. That said, should you find yourself in the deep end, you’ll learn how to keep yourself afloat or, well…the alternative. Do you notice anything missing in this analogy?

If the goal was to learn to swim, being placed in a terrifying, life or death circumstance isn’t going to help you learn. You’ll figure out buoyancy, but not much beyond that. For many remote teams, COVID-19 threw them into the deep end. Over the past few months, you’ve learned survival skills, no doubt. But have you learned how to thrive working remotely?

The key to that thriving is learning how to effectively communicate across the distance. Communication has enough challenges without adding in the roadblocks imposed by working at different locations.

Communication and Collaboration

For your team to grow and thrive, you have to be able to communicate and collaborate. As a leader, it’s your job to create the opportunities for your team to do these things. That’s easier and happens more naturally when you’re all in the same office. When you’re apart, the tendency is for everyone to put their heads down and work in their own silos. That won’t do.

That’s why we put together this learning program, Using DISC for Effective Remote Team Communication. Our DISC expert, Guy Harris, will guide you and your team through the fundamentals of the DISC styles and show you how to apply those principles to making your remote team more effective.

This program is available either on demand, or we can even put together a customized virtual program that can be delivered personally to your organization.

Survival is good, and you certainly should be happy your team is doing that in these difficult times. But as a leader, you can’t be satisfied with that. You can take your team to Remarkable levels, even during challenging circumstances.

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Wayne Turmel has been writing about how to develop communication and leadership skills for almost 26 years. He has taught and consulted at Fortune 500 companies and startups around the world. For the last 18 years, he’s focused on the growing need to communicate effectively in remote and virtual environments.

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