has existed since 2004. Today it is reborn (with the third major redesign since the beginning).

The site is lovely, functional, and overall we think it is pretty great, but I don’t want to talk about it like a father talks about a new baby (“Did I show you this picture? What about this one?”).

The only thing that matters to you is – “Why should I care that you redesigned your site?”

That is a better question, and that is the question I am going to answer.

  1. You may know that we offer a wide range of services, but didn’t really know where to find what. If you think we might be able to help you, you can get to all of our sites, content, products and services easily from one spot.
  2. You might have questions, like:
    How to get real results from training? (Go Here)
    How to hire the best speaker for your event? (Go Here)
    How to hire the best coach (or persuade your organization to pay for it)? (Go Here)
    How to select the right consultant for your project? (Go Here)And if you have those questions, I have created a complimentary video series to help with each of those questions – all just for you.
  3. You might want to improve and sharpen your leadership skills – you can take advantage of our free video learning series, 13 Days to Remarkable Leadership.
  4. You might want something to share on your social media page besides a tired old meme or (another) picture of your cat. We can help with that too! We have a library of inspirational shareable images.

Yes, we are proud of our new site, and I am proud of my team for the work and focus in creating it for you – especially Marisa, Erica and Adrienne.

But we created it for you – as part of delivering on our mission to make a REMARKABLE difference…for leaders and future leaders, their teams, their organizations, and the world.

Take a visit – and let us know here with what you think. (and if you see a problem or have a question, let us know that too – with a quick email here.)

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