working relationshipsBusiness and organizational life is a human activity. To think that we can succeed alone without connections to and working relationships with others is folly. Personal productivity and technical expertise are not enough. Research shows (and our experience proves) that the most successful people are good at building and nurturing strong working relationships.

This is a skill often considered a “soft skill” that we “already know how to do”. As such, not enough time and effort is spent thinking about the value of and strategies for building working relationships. One of the things we learned during the remote work of the pandemic is that people missed the interactions with others. And in many organizations we have worked with, relationships have suffered.

The situation for leaders is even more important and confusing. When coupled with the confusion and sometimes poor guidance, leaders often wonder about what the appropriate relationships are with their team members. And too often, all of the other relationships around them face neglect, too. The fact is, people want to be led by someone they know, like, and trust. When they aren’t, they are less productive and far more likely to leave in search of that connection with a new leader in a different organization.

Is poor communication a frustration for you? Do you worry about low levels of trust? Do non-productive conflicts create more challenges than you would like? More focus on nurturing your working relationships will pay immediate dividends.

Introducing the Nurturing Working Relationships Master Class

There are a few different takes on the Master Class format. Almost all versions give learners access to valuable content in bite-sized pieces. They are consumable whenever and wherever you want, in whatever order you prefer. You can find Master Classes on virtually any topic, hobby, or skillset. While you might want to be a better cook, writer, or photographer, few skills will be more valuable to your future success (and job engagement) than the ability to nurture working relationships.

In this brand-new Master Class, you will learn timeless skills and the latest strategies for:

  • Recognizing your relationship responsibilities as a leader
  • Clarifying the need and value of strong working relationships
  • Applying specific strategies for building working relationships in the real world
  • Building relationships as a leader and a teammate.
  • Creating an action plan for nurturing your working relationships

You can get the details and get instant access to the 13 video lessons in this course (plus 11 bonus resources) here.

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When you register for the Nurturing Working Relationships Master Class, you can also upgrade to a PRO membership,‎ PRO Membership offers you exclusive access to three foundational Master Classes (Remarkable Learning, Remarkable Mindsets, and Remarkable Productivity) and other additional resources curated just for you. Upgrade to PRO Membership with a Master Class purchase and get your initial Master Class for free. That’s right – when you upgrade to PRO your investment for the Nurturing Working Relationships Master Class is zero! ‎PRO Members receive discounts on all future Master Classes, as well as our entire catalog of Virtual and On-Demand Workshops.

Let’s Get Started

If you want to build stronger working relationships, have less conflict, better connections and greater productivity (both personally and organizationally), this Master Class is for you. As you master these skills, you will change your working life and success. These are skills that will reduce your frustration, improve your results and happiness for the rest of your career. It might be the best $79 you ever invested in yourself.

If you are thinking about this organizationally, and want to discuss this in more depth or understand our volume discounts, send an email here.

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