Is your team running on faith or trust? It’s not just a semantic question, it actually matters in the way we work. Click on the video link below to watch and learn why it’s essential for you (as a leader) to understand the difference, as well as why a team functioning on trust will drastically improve your team’s success and overall performance.

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  1. I note that Faith as traditionally defined is belief based in trust. Historically (Hebrews 11) it has been the expression of going where the evidence seems to point, although it can not be sustained by absolute proof. For instance one may respond to an invitation to a business meeting because they believe it is legitimate because of the look of it. After all they have received as many such invitations. In this instance a friend of theirs may be planning a surprise party.

    All that said, I do recognize that there is a secondary definition of faith that is more aligned with the definition of wish, from the perspective of being evidence based. So that perhaps our task is to move from a wish based organization to a faith based organization through the building of trust.

    1. Charles, thanks so much for your comment! Your input and perspective concerning faith is spot-on; it is true that many organizations lack any trust-based structure in order to build upon. Thanks again; we love the conversation.

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