moments that matter

by Kevin Eikenberry

Looking back, it is easy to see moments that matter in our lives.  There are meetings, conversations, and decisions that when we look back, we know changed the trajectory of our lives.

Less frequently are we able to predict those moments looking forward. 

Most all organizations are facing one of those moments now.  Last year for many there was a mandate to send people to work from home.  That wasn’t really a decision.  But now, there are a myriad of decisions related to what happens next.  Here are just a few of those questions:

  • Are we returning everyone to the workplace?
  • Are we staying fully remote?
  • What would hybrid work look like for us?
  • Will we let people choose for themselves?
  • How soon will we decide?
  • How will we decide?
  • When will we begin?
  • How do we get people to understand and commit to the decision?

The questions are many and the decisions are complex.  Perhaps more importantly, the outcomes will have long term implications on your workplace, the retention, development, and attraction of your talent, your overall results in the marketplace, and the future of your organizational culture.

You are looking at a moment that matters.

Most leaders know decisions must be made, even if they are delaying them or aren’t sure exactly how to decide. Fewer leaders realize how important this decision to the future of their organization.

If we can help you think through the decision, the process by which to make the decision, or even how to prepare your leaders and teammates for the future, let us know.  As always, we are here to help.

But more immediately my two newest courses here on LinkedIn Learning both maybe be the start and direction you need.

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