Hybrid Work

by Kevin Eikenberry

If you worked remotely over the past year or so, you are likely now in one of two positions:  You either know you will have some sort of hybrid work future, or you are still waiting to hear what your future of work will be, but expect there will be a hybrid component.  Of course, there will be some organizations that will bring everyone 100% back to the office, but we do not believe that will represent the majority. 

Hybrid work and being a part of a hybrid team will be even more complex in many ways than being either completely remote or completely in person.  And as you prepare for that scenario, here are just some questions for you to consider.

  • When and how will we choose to collaborate?
  • How will we create and maintain a community?
  • What is our picture of the work culture we desire in this new world?
  • What will our collective expectations be bout communication?
  • How will we decide how well our new working arrangements will be?
  • What policies will we need to support our future of work?
  • Are we willing to review those policies in a few months to adjust them if needed?
  • Do leaders have the skills and confidence to lead hybrid teams successfully?
  • What skills do we need to provide all team members now so they can succeed?

We have purposely asked these questions rather than providing answers, because your situation will vary and with it, so might your answers.  If you would like help with specifics, let us know and we will see how we can help.

Speaking of questions, we have created a survey to better understand the choices organizations are making about the future of work.  We would love it if you would take this short survey to share your experiences. Your answer will be anonymous, but you will have the opportunity at the end to tell us who you are, so we can share the analysis of the results with you, if you wish.

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