By Kevin Eikenberry

I’m a big believer in the power of confidence. However, confidence often comes with a caveat.

People would like to be confident, but most don’t want to be seen as cocky or over-confident.  Because of that worry, they don’t go far enough. They grew up learning that “pride comes before a fall” (from Proverbs 16:18), and who wants to fall?

While I understand that concern, we must be careful not to be over-cautious about becoming over-confident. As a new frontline supervisor, confidence 

I believe we can be confident in our skills and ability to deliver, without becoming arrogant. You can be both confident AND humble.

In fact, as a leader, being confident while remaining healthily humble is a balance worth aiming for.

Finding the Right Balance

People want to follow people who are confident in the vision and encouraging that the team can get there, while at the same time know that it is a team. The best leaders are bold and confident, but rightfully share the credit and value the team. By sharing the credit with the team, you will strike a balance and find humility. 

This balance will help you maintain the healthy balance of confidence and humility that can take you – and your team – far.

Do you need help with your confidence? Are you looking to build your confidence as a new leader? Check out this webinar Building Your Confidence as a New Leader. We talk about why confidence is important, how to build it, and how to have the kind of balance.

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