leadership confidenceWe’re all sailing a sea of uncharted waters. We are all dealing with things we never dreamed we would ever face. And so, leaders at all levels are facing a crisis no one’s talking about – a crisis of leadership confidence. Leaders want to lead, know they must lead, and yet the situation leaves them wondering how to best meet these challenges and move forward with confidence. At the same time, most leadership development activities have been postponed or cancelled.

So leaders who need help, development, and new ideas are left wondering what to do and where to turn. And now is when they need help the most. How can we give them a way to bolster and build their confidence through effective and proven ways to become more effective?

Through proven, practical, and relevant virtual leadership development.

Since founding The Remote Leadership Institute over five years ago (not five months ago), we have been working with remote leaders around the world. Both to understand their needs and to deliver learning to them without being face-to-face.

We know what it takes to raise the skills and confidence of leaders who are facing many of the challenges other leaders are just now facing. We know how to do it virtually. And while remote leadership is different, it isn’t completely different. We have been helping all leaders grow for nearly 30 years.

This isn’t our first rodeo, and we haven’t “pivoted” to teach remote skills or deliver virtually.

That’s why we are confident that we can help build the confidence and skills of you and your organization’s leaders, regardless of your specific needs. And while the title promises two ways, I want to point you to three ways right now.

The Remote Leadership Certificate Series

A six-week series of sessions designed for maximum interaction and focusing on the specific needs for those leading remote teams. If you look to the future and see a remote workforce, this learning experience may be exactly what you need.

From Manager to Remarkable Leader

If you have been leading for some time and are ready to move to the next level of confidence and capability, this six-week series may be your best next choice. I personally designed and teach this interactive virtual learning experience. While it is built to help you grow as a leader, we will talk about the connections of all the ideas to a virtual working world too.

Coaching with Confidence

This six-week interactive virtual learning experience focuses on the important leadership skill of coaching. If coaching is the skill you need to build (or need to build in your organization’s leaders), this is the perfect way to make that happen.

All these learning experiences are taught by experts in the content and the process of virtual learning. Click the links above to get the details of the learning experiences and sign up for the next offering. If you want to talk about bringing these virtual learning experiences to your organization, let us know.

All three options are practical and teach what is relevant in today’s world. And all are currently being offered at discount. Let us help you build leadership confidence and skills – now when you need it most.

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