Two of the biggest buzzwords in organizational development circles over the past two years are engagement and retention. Both are rightfully pursued as important objectives. Unfortunately given all this talk, they are still misunderstood, and actions taken to improve them aren’t taken (or the wrong actions are taken).

It’s time to change that.

That’s why I have created a Remarkable Development Event on January 9th titled What You Can Do To Increase Engagement and Retention on Your Team. This event is part webinar, part peer learning experience and will be completely focused on understanding what you can (and can’t) do as a leader to promote engagement and increase retention on your team.

If you are challenged with either of these issues on your team, this will be a powerful chance for you to move the needle for you and your team. After this interactive and engaging session, you will have new insights and practical solutions that are being applied every day with teams like yours.

If you need more engagement and are still working to keep your team intact, these needs are connected. Join me for this session to better understand that connection and help your team be far more effective in the coming year.

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